Friday, December 3, 2010

More Crap about Steener

Well. This is it. The Steener News Network. You just KNOW you've been waiting for it almost your whole life. Or not. But either way, this is my new blog. I'm working on at least 2 other blogs. One of them being my blog for random crap I want to say/show people and the other one a take off on the coolest website I've found in awhile. It'll be called "Stuff Junkies Like" I've only thought of about 3 things, which is odd, but if you can think of any tell me. I already have: 24 hour pharmacies, Chocolate, Purses/bags w/removealbe straps and Stores with lax retun policies. So gimmie a yell if you think of any other ones. Cool.

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