Sunday, December 5, 2010

Remembery Songs

I have a love/hate relationship with Memory Songs. In case you don't know memory songs are songs that remind you of a certain event or person in your life. In general the memory songs that remind me of events in my life are the good ones and the ones that remind me of people are bad ones. To me some songs are like smells are to some people, I can hear them and close my eyes and almost feel like I am back at the place where I made the memory connected to the memory song. I generally don't close my eyes on the ones that remind me of people, I'll wind up seeing the person it reminds me and I'll get angry or sad or some some kind of angry/sad combo pack. There are some people who have a whole remembery band or artist connected with them like my High School boyfriend John and Areosmith or my Jason and I.C.P. , although even those two have certain songs by those bands that are the most commonly thought of when I think of them. I hate it when I song I really like becomes a bad rememebery song, like the song Teardrop by Massive Attack, which is also the theme song to House, but today I actually listened to it all the way through while getting ready for the clinic, so I am going to TRY to make that my memory for that song now. I try that sometimes, to make a new memory for a song when it has a bad memory attached to it, if I can get through the song without getting too upset. I wonder sometimes though why certain memories stick so well in my head. Some memory songs are for things that make total sense to remember, like that the song The Joker by Steve Miller was the song that a big group of us sang one time when I was in Sacred Heart. Other times I'm not so sure why it sticks in my head so well, like the song Take a Picture by Filer and driving in the snow to buy a Christmas Ornament shaped like a cat. Why do I remember that at all, let alone the fact that I heard that song on my way? Some things are just strange like that I guess.

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