Friday, December 17, 2010

Should have just stuck with my first impression.....

Its never a good idea to start hanging out with a person who at one point in time has thier sister, who is 3 times your size, punch you in the face for making a harmless comment. Its a bad idea because eventually something is going to happen that makes that person mad at you and then you have to worry that you are going to get another very hard punch to the side of your face causing you to fly across the parking lot of the Kroger store. Yes, this is the fate that more than likley awaits me within the next few days at the clinic, not to mention the progress I just made with Jason not being mad at me was probably destroyed by another person involved in thier whole circus. And I didn't do anything wrong, but as evidenced last time I got punched in the face, that doesn't mean a damn thing. Its hardly my fault that Jay H. and this guy Rich are feuding over a girl who up until today was my friend, but now because some people have big fucking mouths and other people have to make it seem like I said more than I already did, I am going to be the one who winds up paying for the whole thing. I just have this sinking feeling that tomorrow I am going to go to the clinic to find out the girl made up a bunch of bullshit to get Jason mad at me again and there will be a crazed bitch in the parking lot ready to punch me in the face again. I'm so, so excited. Woo. Hoo.

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